The Fair Wage Network

The Fair Wage Network has been created on the initiative of Daniel Vaughan-Whitehead and Auret van Heerden. The decision to set up the Fair Wage Network was taken on the occasion of the first Fair Wage conference, organized by the FLA in Washington on October 26, 2009.

The aim of this network is to regroup all the actors involved along the supply chain and present in the CSR arena who would be ready to commit themselves to work to promote better wage practices. The idea is to set up an interactive and dynamic process, involving NGOs, managers, workers’ representatives and researchers.

This initiative is also aimed at ensuring the coherence needed in the wage area and helping to liaise the proposed fair wage approach in relation to all wage initiatives at international and national level.

The aim is gradually to move individual factories ‘up the ladder’, in terms of the different elements we believe should be part of the ‘fair wage’ approach. In order to succeed, this process would require a step-by-step approach to overcome the possible difficulties involved in collecting information and avoiding a possible initial reluctance from the different stakeholders. Only by means of such a cooperative framework could the different stakeholders see the mutual benefits they could obtain from this collective approach. The Fair Wage Network represents a key step in incorporating wage issues within the CSR process.

The FWN team:
Co-founders and coordinators: Auret van Heerden, President and CEO of the FLA, Geneva. Daniel Vaughan-Whitehead, Responsible for wage issues at the ILO, Geneva and Professor at SciencesPo, Paris.

Lina Marmolejo, Responsible for the Spanish version, MPA-SciencesPo, Paris
Lihui Lin, Responsible for the Chinese version, MPA-SciencesPo, Paris

WEB editor:
James Patterson

Boroka Gergely & Daniele B.


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Conferences organized by the Fair Wage Network in cooperation with FLA, Fair Wage Foundation and BSCI

May 21-22, 2013 Geneva
Fair Wage Network Conference

October, 2012 Seattle
FLA Conference

May 8, 2012 Geneva
Fair Wage Conference: Tools and initiatives to drive sustainable change

May 7, 2012 Geneva
Fair Wage Network workshop NGO’s tools and initiatives to address wages along the supply chain

Summary and conclusions of the Fair Wage Network Conference ,Geneva
organized in cooperation with BetterWork, BSCI and FLA

January 3, 2012
Book launch of the Chinese version of the book ‘Fair Wages – Strengthening Corporate Social Responsibility”, Beijing.

15 June 2011 Istanbul
Second Fair Wage Conference : Moving to the operational phase

25 October 2010 Hong-Kong
Fair Wages – For Incorporating Wages into CSR